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Luxurious Office
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Located in the heart of Taipei’s technological district, Minson’s head office is responsible for managing strategic decisions, commercialization, and finances of its projects, serving as a hub between Minson’s operations worldwide.

Minson’s R&D facilities are located in both Taiwan and Thailand, and are streamlined for smooth production. The facilities specialize in cost analysis, prototyping, sample construction, 3D engineering, injection mold and fixture fabrication, and raw material sourcing.

Our factories are equipped to accommodate cutting, stitching, screen printing, injection molding, compression molding, lasting, impact & drop testing, and other tasks specific to our customer's needs. 

Our extremely rigorous Total Quality Assurance (TQA) encompasses incoming, outgoing, and process quality control. All of our production sites are also equipped with the latest Total Quality Assurance equipment with labs located on site.

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